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Spring in Valdichiana Senese

The perfect opportunity to start travelling once again among Tuscan natural beauties and hamlets

Nature is ready to born once again in the most joyful time of the year, the best time has come to start traveling again in search of new beauties. Spring is now back and every plant, tree and garden is starting to blossom new flowers that will add color to the bleak winter tones and dull landscapes. A feast for the eyes that is just waiting to be looked at by some traveler in search of beauty and emotions. And what better place to admire nature again than in Tuscany, among the rolling hills of Valdichiana Senese?

An unpolluted land of Spring colors and smells

The best time to discover the natural beauties is certainly this, the beginning of Spring, and there is no better place to do it than here, in Valdichiana Senese. Think about the environment you will find in these lands: gentle lines that occupy the landscape with curves as drawn with a brush, mild colors and thousands of shades that return to inhabit the prairies of the valleys and the crowns of trees in the woods, the blue skies and scattered clouds that convey relax, peace and wellness. And all this is what awaits you in Valdichiana Senese, an area far from the daily stress of the metropolis and the gray smells that surround the cities. Here there are only relaxation, peace and well-being, it is an ideal place for those who want to be in close contact with unspoiled nature. And among the Tuscan hills of this land, there are villages and hamlets with ancient origins, with a flavor of Middle Ages and Renaissance, which quietly explain Tuscany and its traditions. Visiting Valdichiana Senese in Spring means getting to know Dante's region in its purest essence and at its best.

The Spring beauties of Valdichiana Senese among nature and history

Spring is the ideal period for those who want to discover the beauties of nature and return to breathe clean air. It's time to enjoy the mild climate and the longer days to indulge in outdoor activities. You could discover the paths immersed in the Spring colors that pass between the medieval villages of Sinalunga and Torrita di Siena, stops of the ancient Tuscan Via Lauretana that has connected Siena with Loreto for centuries. Here you can literally immerse yourself in the hills and the spectacle of colors that this season has to offer. If you want to admire the panorama of Valdichiana Senese from above, you can go to Cetona, starting from the beauties of this Tuscan village to the top of the homonymous mountain, admiring the entire valley from the top. Just to say, you could also admire nature on a stretch of water aboard a canoe. Beautiful, isn’t it? This is an experience that you do not expect in Tuscany, but that is available in Chiusi, which with its lake offers an unforgettable opportunity to have a new point of view to admire these rolling hills.

Valdichiana Senese also offers much more and does not stop to panoramas. An example of it is Trequanda, a small hamlet nestled in nature, with a centuries-old tradition of beautiful terracotta works. Here you can admire the views and the history of this slice of Tuscany, experiencing firsthand how terracotta works are created. Another testimony of the past of these lands comes from Etruscans, an ancient people who inhabited Tuscany and left their mark. Imagine being surrounded by greenery among Spring flowers, just outside Sarteano, and then suddenly finding yourself in the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga: an explosion of bright red as soon as you enter and immediately afterwards a three-headed infernal snake.

Spas and wine, a perfect combination in Valdichiana Senese

After the show of Spring colors of Valdichiana Senese and the activities that this land has to offer, you might want a relaxing break, perhaps among warm natural waters, to regenerate body and mind. After the historical beauties of Etruscans it would be perfect to stop in Chianciano Terme and immerse yourself in its natural spa. If, on the other hand, you want to continue to immerse yourself in the thermal waters while remaining in close contact with history, you could head to San Casciano dei Bagni: a sanctuary from the Augustan era will be near you while you will be lulled by thermal waters. To finish off the tour among the Spring beauties of Valdichiana Senese, head to Montepulciano spa for ad hoc massages and breathing treatments and then head to the center for a visit to this Renaissance village. Here you will be lulled first by thermal water and then by wine: a glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano with the Tuscan hills in the background will be enough to appreciate these wonderful lands even more and feel pampered in every aspect.

The natural Spring beauties in Valdichiana Senese are just waiting to color your eyes and relax your spirit. Discover this land and all it has to offer thanks to Valdichiana Living!