'EXVALSE', 'Operation/Project co-financed by the Tuscan Por Fesr 2014-2020'

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Descent into the underworld in the Tomb of the Infernal Chariot

One of the extraordinary Etruscan testimonies in Valdichiana Senese

This tour, available only on Saturdays, will take you inside the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga in Sarteano, a unique and suggestive experience.

Cold and wet, it literally leaves you speechless and amazed due to a bright red explosion on the left side of the corridor, where is represented a chariot running towards the underworld, led by a demon with flaming hair. A little further on, a banquet scene with two men, perhaps father and son reconciled in the afterlife, perhaps two lovers.

At the bottom of the tomb, a sarcophagus and two spectacular portrayals. On one wall a hippocampus, on the other one a three-headed snake that you will hardly forget. It is so extraordinary that even Alessandro Michele chose it for one of his incredible dresses branded Gucci.

Once you have emerged from the underworld, you will move to Chianciano Terme, to the Theia thermal pools, the baths of the Etruscans, for moments of true relax.

What it includes

  • Entrance and visit to the Civic Museum of Sarteano
  • Guided tour of the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga at the Necropolis of Pianacce
  • Entrance to the Theia thermal pools in Chianciano Terme (4 hours)

Additional information

Transfer not included. Available on request. 

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Tour Informations €69 per person

  • Where

    Sarteano and Chianciano Terme

  • When

    Every Saturday at 10:30am

  • Duration

    About 6 hours

  • Meeting point

    Museo Civico in Sarteano

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€69 per person

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