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Canoe tour to the lake of Chiusi

Excursion to Lake Chiusi by canoe and tasting of typical products

Lake Chiusi is a place far from the fast pace of contemporary tourism, where even those who stop for a few hours can appreciate (and rediscover) quietness by reconciling themselves with nature. It is a real natural oasis 5km from the historic center of Chiusi, the ancient capital of the Etruscan civilization, which over time has become a place of interest for bird watching, fishing and sports enthusiasts. The stretch of water as well as the surrounding park offer open spaces for various activities, to be carried out individually or in groups. The canoe tour is certainly one of the great experiences to enjoy here, admiring the flora and fauna of Lake Chiusi as well as the beautiful surrounding landscape from a privileged position.

The best way to appreciate Lake Chiusi in its entirety

The tour will start right from Lake Chiusi where you will meet the volunteers of the historic association of local rowers, who will take care of preparing the canoe and giving you all the information about the lake and the itinerary that you can take as well as providing you with assistance in case. Once in water, as you move away from the shores, you will understand the true beauty of this place. The canoe, in fact, allows you to fully explore the lake, passing through the most beautiful points of interest: the reeds where birds nest, including rare species of herons, the spontaneous lake vegetation, all in the wonderful setting of the Tuscan hills that embrace the lake. In fact, you cannot fail to bring a camera or a smartphone with you to take unique photos. Once the canoe has been returned, a delicious snack awaits you in the picnic area of ​​the lake based on typical local products, meats, cheeses and Tuscan wine, an area where you can rest in peace as long as you want.

If you prefer an even slower experience to canoeing, you can choose the Yoga lesson on the shore of Etruscan lake with a picnic.

What it includes

  • Meeting at the lake, short lesson on canoeing and on the Lake Chiusi, history of the lake
  • Excursion on canoe, assisted by a motorboat
  • Tasting of typical product on the lake shore

Additional information

  • Please wear comfortable cloche
  • Experience available from April to November


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Tour Informations €69 per person

€69 per person

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