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The sacred waters of San Casciano dei Bagni

Visit the rediscovered sanctuary and swim in Fonteverde Spa thermal baths

The Santuario Ritrovato in San Casciano dei Bagni is one of the most sensational archaeological discoveries of recent years. From the muddy waters, near the large bath (the well-known free spas at the foot of the village), emerged a sanctuary from the Augustan era dedicated to the waters, with a tub and a monument dating back to the same period. Likewise, the finds re-emerged from the hot waters are of great importance and interest: bases and sections of columns, gold and silver coins, votive bronzes, inscriptions mentioning Apollo, Fortuna, Isis, deities associated with health, which suggest the sacredness of those waters.

An exclusive guided tour

With this exclusive tour you will visit the excavation with those who unearthed it, starting from the exhibition hall of the Stanze Cassianensi and then walking to the excavation.

The thermal waters in San Casciano dei Bagni

Once the visit is over, the itinerary through the sacred waters of San Casciano dei Bagni continues in Fonteverde, once a private spa facility commissioned by the Medici and today a luxurious spa. Just like the antiquarian spirit of the 1600s, pieces related to the finds found during the recent excavation are still exhibited inside the villa. Once admired the gallery, is time to discover the beneficial effects of the water with a hot bath in one of the most beautiful spas in Italy.

Notesthe 24 bronze statues found during the excavations are not visible in San Casciano dei Bagni yet. A National Archaelogical Museum will be opened in the city in the coming months.

What it includes

  • Entrance and visit to the Le Stanze Cassianensi Museum
  • Walk and visit of the excavation of the Santuario Ritrovato with guide
  • Daily admission to Fonteverde SPA

Additional information

Transfer not included. Available on request. 

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Tour Informations €59 per person

  • Where

    San Casciano dei Bagni

  • When

    10 a.m.

  • Duration

    About 4 hours

  • Meeting point

    Piazza Garibaldi in San Casciano dei Bagni

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€59 per person

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We can organize the tour for groups (10 - 30).
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