'EXVALSE', 'Operation/Project co-financed by the Tuscan Por Fesr 2014-2020'

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Valdichiana Senese: your destination for sport tourism

The Valdichiana Senese: Tuscany imagined and dreamed of by everyone, all over the world

When one thinks of Tuscany, the hills, cypresses and Renaissance villages designed by the greatest architects of the time come to mind and have been kept practically intact. Then you arrive in these parts, in the Valdichiana Senese, and you realize that right here is the Tuscany imagined and dreamed of by everyone, all over the world. They are postcard landscapes, not by chance immortalized in countless calendars, commercials and chosen as sets by very important international film productions.

Here, in this unique place in the world, respectfully inserted into the landscape, we have many sports facilities well located in the area and easily accessible. Some are quite rare throughout the region, such as the rowing competition field; all are however adequately served by a first-rate road network, but also by cutting-edge services and infrastructures. The real added value, however, is given precisely by the territory, with its heritage of landscape beauty, culture - including food and wine - traditions and also by the accommodation facilities themselves, since many of these are set in a countryside that is the essence purest of the Terre di Siena.

A sporting event in Valdichiana Senese: a joy for athletes and their companions

Participating in a sporting event in Valdichiana Senese can be a joy not only for athletes, but also for their companions, who will be able to intersperse rest times enjoying the beauty and goodness the territory has to offer, such as a visit to a winery, a few hours at the spa, a guided tour or a walk in complete safety on the paths.

Anyone who chooses to organize a sporting event in our area should know that here we know the hospitality profession very well, which for us is given by a real vocation. In addition, over the years and in very recent times we have hosted sporting events of all kinds, from those structured in a simpler way to others of international importance, thus gaining an experience that continues to grow together with our commitment.

And now try to imagine your athletes confronting each other, challenging each other, playing sports against the backdrop of an area where everything speaks of beauty, of landscapes with the purest "Tuscan character", of a culture of wellbeing, with an offer of very high level: can you think of a better place to compete?

In Valdichiana Senese it was also declared the European Community of Sport for 2021

The official communication came from Brussels, where the Federation of European Capitals and Cities of Sport (ACES Europa) is based. Among other things, the recognition follows those of the European City of Sport obtained by Chianciano Terme for 2019 and by Chiusi for 2020.