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In the footsteps of the Etruscans: food, craftsmanship and relaxation in the Sienese Valdichiana

A fascinating journey into the land of the Etruscans

The Sienese Valdichiana represents the heart of the territory that almost 3000 years ago was populated by the Etruscans, a people as fascinating as they are mysterious. We know little about the Etruscans and what little we know does not come from writings but from finds and representations. From what we know we can say that our ancient ancestors had a lifestyle that pursued values and activities very similar to ours. In what fields? Food, crafts and well-being. We know, thanks to the representations in the tombs of the necropolis and in the vases, from the chemical analyzes made on the latter and on the amphorae and other curious finds, that the Etruscans produced fresh pasta, wine and especially olive oil. Furthermore, right for the pottery and the goldsmith finds found we know that thay were skilled artisans, just like many inhabitants of the Sienese Valdichiana and finally who loved to spend their free time relaxing and giving in to the pleasure of a nice thermal bath, just like we do! Are you curious to experience a holiday dedicated to a lifestyle that has been handed down for almost 3,000 years? Follow us on this fascinating journey 

Educational Tour Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those products that has practically always been part of the Mediterranean culture. Greeks, Phoenicians and Etruscans produced and consumed it in good quantity. When a product carries with it a thousand-year history, knowing it and deepening its organoleptic characteristics and cultural importance becomes an enriching experience. The tour we offer has precisely this goal, that is to understand and recognize the quality of extra virgin olive oil and appreciate its importance FIND OUT MORE 

Meet the craftsmen in the Tuscan hamlets

As we have said, the Etruscans were not only great artisans in the field of goldsmithing and the production of pottery, but also in the production of food and wine. This is perhaps the clearest and most striking link that unites the culture of the Sienese Valdichiana with the Etruscan one. Discovering the ancient artisan shops and the typical products of this area gives a good idea of how quality is able to withstand the times especially when the market is ruthless and large production devours the small. These artisans resist carrying the banner of quality up high, just like the Etruscans did. FIND OUT MORE 

The spa for your family

Each Spa in the Sienese Valdichiana and in this province has a common feature. The first settlements, the first structures are always, and I repeat always, of Etruscan origin. In every spring of thermal water there is their trace and this gives us an idea of how much thermal relaxation was one of the favorite activities of this ancient people. And we must admit that they were right to use their free time like this, because even today, after millennia, we love to let ourselves go among the pampering of these waters. And you, wouldn't you like to try this experience with your family? FIND OUT MORE 

Tuscany Etruscan land

In this article we talked about lifestyle, productive activities and relaxation, demonstrating how, despite many eras have passed, it is possible and indeed pleasant to have fun and enjoy life just as our Etruscan ancestors did. For those wishing to travel the stages, get to know the places, visit the museums that collect the ancient testimonies of this extraordinary people, we offer two tours that move from the Sienese Valdichiana to other areas, other territories where the Etruscan imprint is tangible and mysterious as always and fascinating.