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The water of the Valdichiana Senese (sacred) source of relaxation and wellbeing

For World Water Day we present three spas in Tuscany in addition to Saturnia

World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd March, an event set up by the United Nations to bring attention to the protection of this very precious asset of inestimable and fundamental value for our daily life and for our future. When we talk about water, we are talking about home economics, nutrition and health, culture and heritage, education and protection of the environment and nature. Water is also a central element when it comes to tourism and travel. Just think simply of the sea, the beaches and the islands and therefore of seaside tourism, but also the mountains, with rivers, enchanting lakes and water sources, or the thermal waters.

The thermal waters are precisely the case of the Province of Siena and the Valdichiana Senese, the destination of Italian wellness 2019 - EDEN. Tuscany, in fact, offers numerous spa destinations starting from the Saturnia hot springs, probably the most famous in the world but not the only ones.

The World Water Day is therefore the right occasion to introduce you to three spas in Tuscany in addition to Saturnia: Chianciano Terme, San Casciano dei Bagni, Montepulciano, that is the thermal baths of the Valdichiana Senese, and their properties.

Chianciano Terme, the home of wellness

If you were looking for it, yes, it is in Valdichiana Senese, in Chianciano Terme. A town that has made water its symbol nationally and internationally, where four thermal springs naturally flow from different sources. Acqua Fucoli, Acqua Santa, Acqua Santissima and Acqua Sillene, each with its healing properties, are the waters at the base of the treatments and thermal cures that you can receive in Chianciano. The spa offer here is complete, starting with the Sensory Spa. These represent the perfect encounter between the spa experience, naturopathy and the enchanting Tuscan countryside, as well as offering five wellness programs for body and soul care. Ideal for a couple or even individual wellness stay, to regenerate. Also the Theia Thermal Pools, with four outdoor and three indoor pools, with temperatures between 33 °C and 36 °C. The Sillene Water found in Theia Thermal Pools exert an anti-inflammatory function on the muscular system but also on the skin. Recommended for couples but also for families, the Theia Temali Pools have all the facilities for the little ones.

Terme di Montepulciano, from health and relax

The Montepulciano Spa is located a few kilometers from the village, in Sant'Albino. Here, the sulphurous waters rich in carbon dioxide flow directly from the subsoil of the Terme di Montepulciano and are the basis of numerous treatments and cures offered by the center. Starting with relaxation experiences, such as immersion in the whirlpool with saline water inside the romantic Lunar Grotto, or wellness treatments based on thermal water or Vino Nobile, including holistic massages and muds. In addition, the Terme di Montepulciano can also be a health protection center during a trip to the Province of Siena or Valdichiana Senese. Today it is in fact possible to book at the covid tampons center and other specialist visits.

Fonteverde a San Casciano dei Bagni, an oasis of wellbeing

The Natural Luxury Spa that marks the border between Valdichiana Senese and Val d’Orcia. Few kilometers from the delightful village of San Casciano dei Bagni you will find Fonteverde, an oasis of well-being and peace. Here, the thermal water that flows from natural sources can also be drunk as a soft drink or inhaled, benefiting from calcium and electrolytes that play a central role in osteoporosis therapy and physical well-being. The link between San Casciano dei Bagni and thermal water is a bond that has lasted for more than two thousand years, when the Romans went to this locality for healing purposes, immersing themselves in the ancient pools, which can still be visited at the foot of the village and recently in the center of an incredible archaeological discovery. A few months ago, in fact, the Temple of Apollo was found near the "Bagno grande", a sanctuary dating back to Roman times that marks the link between the town and the Roman people and between sacredness and these precious waters.