'EXVALSE', 'Operation/Project co-financed by the Tuscan Por Fesr 2014-2020'

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Educational Tour extra virgin olive oil

Tasting class dedicated to extra virgin olive oil with a visit to a farm

A practical and exciting class all dedicated to an excellence of the territory: Tuscan extra virgin olive oil  (Terre di Siena DOP and Toscano IGP). An expert will follow you step by step through the knowledge of the olive oil tasting rudiments.

Tasting lesson and visit to a farm producing extra virgin olive oil

You will be learning to discern and identify the qualities of the extra virgin olive oil, starting from organoleptic qualities such as color, fragrance and flavor. At the end of the class, which will be done at the Frantoio, you will be able to identify a high-quality oil and mix winning matches on your table. Put yourselves to the test about what you have just learnt by visiting a oil mill producing extra virgin olive oil. A fantastic lunch or dinner awaits you with a special menu created for you: a selection of products and dishes made up to enhance olive oil flavours.

What it includes

  • Visit to a oil mill producing extra virgin olive oil and introductive class to the tasting of extra virgin olive oil
  • Lunch or dinner with a menu dedicated to the flavours of EVO oil

Additional information

The experience takes place in an oil mill in the countryside of Valdichiana Senese, the address will be communictaed after the booking.

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Tour Informations €109 per person

  • Where

    Valdichiana Senese

  • When

    11:30 a.m.

  • Duration

    Around 3 hours

  • Meeting point

    Oil mill in Valdichiana Senese

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€109 per person

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We can organize the tour for groups (10 - 30).
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