Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme

Terme is Italian for Thermal Spa, and Chianciano Terme is famous all over the world for its spas.

The town has built on this reputation over the centuries by augmenting its unique qualities, keeping up to date with the latest scientific research, which has made the therapeutic spa treatments even more effective and efficient. The area is rich in natural springs, whose water, “Acqua Santa” of Chianciano, has been celebrated for her curative and depurative properties since time immemorial.

Around the town there are numerous archaeological digs - some of them on-going - and these bear testament to how the local curative waters have been popular since Etruscan and Ancient Roman times. This ancient tradition has been brought right up to date at the modern spas, including the ground-breaking Terme Sensoriali, a Sensory Spa that offers naturopathy treatments, and the innovative Piscine Theia thermal pools, fed by a spring that was already well known and in use in Etruscan times.

Chianciano's picturesque old town centre is characterised by its well-ordered layout, with a wide range of small artisan workshops, and ample opportunities to sample the best traditional local foods. Just outside the town walls, the Archaeology Museum exhibits a treasure trove of fascinating finds. The unique natural environment makes the museum a reference point for academics and enthusiasts from all over the world.

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