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Theia Termal Pools

Theia Thermal Pool

The family-friendly spa in Italy

Wellness and health: In Chianciano Terme, you will find the Thermal Pools “Theia”, ideal for a spa experience to live with your better half, or with your family.

The hot thermal pools, four external and three internal, are powered by the Sillene source, whose temperature ranges between 91.4 ° F and 96.8 ° F. The waters are rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulfates, which determines its typical opacity, and exerts an anti-inflammatory action on the skeletal muscle system and on the skin. Thermal Pools “Theia” are the ideal place for a relaxing day with the whole family; in fact, they feature ad hoc services for kids, such as the shallow pool in a covered area, a playground area, a pool with colored balls, and two spa experiences for children aged six to twelve, such as the Grotta Secca [Dry Cave], and the Grotta Umida [Damp Cave], featuring temperatures suitable for them, and enchanting vapors.

At the restaurant with hot snack inside the structure, you can enjoy pizza, healthy snacks and quick meals, even typical Tuscan, without having to leave the spa.

Admission to Theia pools is not upon reservation. Find out more about timetables and opneing days here.

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