San Casciano dei Bagni

San Casciano Dei Bagni

The town of San Casciano dei Bagni has a fairy-tale atmosphere, bestowed by the tower of the Castle and the layout of the old town centre.

This small town is reached via winding roads through stunning landscapes. The road to San Casciano dei Bagni from Sarteano, for example, offers breath-taking views taking in the entire Valdichiana. The layout of the old town, with its towers and castles, gives it a fairy-tale appearance, and in the best tradition of fairy-tales, it seemingly materialises out of the forest when approached by road, as a vision akin to a fresco by Giotto.

The town is deeply immersed in nature, surrounded by dense woodland, with an endless labyrinth of paths to explore by foot, by mountain bike, or on horseback. The wild animals that populate the woods go about their daily lives undisturbed, and it isn't uncommon to meet hawks, falcons, wild boar, or deer on your travels.

However, San Casciano owes its fame, and perhaps its very origins in the mists of time, to its abundant thermal springs. There are 42 springs in the area, with water temperatures of up to 40°C. The total water flow, amounting to around 5.5 million litres a day, makes San Casciano third in Europe for thermal water flow. The waters feed the town's celebrated spas, recently declared "the most beautiful spas in the world" by the prestigious American magazine "Travel + Leisure".

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