The town of Sinalunga is a terrace overlooking the stunning Val di Chiana, the valley rolling out beneath the town.

The old town centre is a labyrinth of narrow streets and buildings, situated on a small plateau. The town is replete with fascinating architecture, reflecting its rich artistic and cultural heritage. The beautiful Ciro Pinsuit theatre presents a varied season of events from leading national companies every year. As well as the 17th century San Martino Collegiate church, the Santa Maria delle Nevi and Santa Croce churches are also well worth a visit. The old town hall - the Palazzo Pretorio - is another architectural delight, with his bell tower, which reminds to the Mangia Tower in Siena, and his suggestive prisons.

In the lower part of the town, where the original Cassia Vetus Roman road once passed, life moves at a faster pace and a different rhythm, but even here in Pieve, Sinalunga's "modern" district, there are a few surprises: the parish church of San Pietro ad Mensulas, one of the oldest churches in the area, was built on the site of an even older church that predated the existing Romanesque basilica structure.

Ghino di Tacco, the Tuscan Robin Hood, was born on an old farm not far from here - he would go on to set up his thieves' kingdom in the imposing castle town of nearby Radicofani. The valley also offers the possibility of visiting farms where the celebrated Chianina cattle are raised, the largest cattle in the world, earning them their nickname of the "white giants". There is an area equipped for camper vans next to Sinalunga train station.

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