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Valdichiana Senese pair with wine and food tourism. Food and Wine Tourism Report 2022 confirmation

New start and big interest in wine and food tourism: increasing request of engaging, green and innovative tourism experiences. Look at 2022 report with us

The 2022 edition of Roberta Garibaldi's Food and Wine Tourism Report has just been published. Fruit of the work of the Associazione Italiana Turismo Enogastronomico, the research has the patronage of the Qualivita Foundation, Ismea - Institute of services for the agricultural food market and the Italian Touring Club, has seen the collaboration of The Data Appeal Company, The Fork Italia and Tripadvisor and has the support, among other partners, of our incoming agency Valdichiana Living.

The Report represents an important guidance tool not only for destinations and players in the tourism sector, but also for travelers, because the report reveals the latest trends and the most interesting news to keep an eye on. In particular, this year the document emphasizes the main components of the sector, from restaurants to production companies, from the Wine Roads to farmhouses.

Let's find out together the highlights of the Report on Italian food and wine tourism 2022

- The agri-food productions of excellence are gaining increasing attention: Italy has the European primacy for certified products (DOP, IGP, PAT, etc.), the expenditure for organic products increases, there is increasing interest in direct visits to manufacturing companies. Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

- The restaurants, after a decidedly negative two years, maintain their role of representative of the Italian food and wine offer, always lively and excellent. New formats such as virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens are on the rise, with greater attention being paid to food waste and the short supply chain. The data: over 339 thousand Italian catering companies are active at the end of 2021. Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

- Farmhouses on the rise: the holiday in rural areas and far from mass tourism was the choice of many also in 2021. The farmhouses, despite having suffered a large decline in attendance, have been able to maintain an attractive and highly desirable offer, accompanied by typical local and genuine products and the possibility to link the stay to experiences related to nature, from bike excursions, to walks, to relaxation with wellness programs. Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

- All BIO: wine and oil, but also fruit and vegetables, honey, jams, cheeses, flours and much more. The tourist chooses organic, wants to visit the places of production, is increasingly attentive to responsible consumption and the conscious choice of what to put on the table. The data: the incidence of organic sales on agri-food expenditure is 4% for a value of approximately 3.3 billion euros. Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

- Micro breweries: the small Italian companies that produce craft beer have suffered huge losses due to the pandemic and although the domestic consumption of craft beer has increased, it is not difficult to understand the drastic drop in the turnover of these companies, estimated between 70% and 80% compared to 2019 data. Now is the right time to come back and visit our breweries! Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

- Museums of Taste and Roads of Wine and Flavors: 129 the former, 103 the latter, represent a great attraction for the food and wine tourist, who can find here the starting point for organizing an all-round holiday. See here what Valdichiana Living offers you on the Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Flavors of the Valdichiana Senese.

- The large regions of central and northern Italy have the most structured tourist offer, with a greater ability to work as a team and offer experiences that make the most of the local food and wine experience. Look here what Valdichiana Living offers you.

Have you already thought about your next trip?

Valdichiana Living is ready to satisfy your desire to travel: if you intend to follow one or more of these trends, or if you are looking for inspiration, take a quick look at our proposals and contact us, we can't wait to offer you the perfect holiday for the most curious wine tourists like you.