Tuscan chef experience: recipes and wines

Meet the Chef and pair each dish with its best wine

Tuscan cuisine can welcome you in all its splendor and its renowned goodness and simplicity, in a course suitable for anyone who wants to try their hand, at least for once, in high-level cuisine, in the most beautiful region in the world. An ideal experience for those who love strong and tasty, genuine and local flavors, closely connected to the rolling Tuscan hills and its fertile and generous land. You will learn how to dose the elements of traditional Tuscan cuisine thanks to an expert chef who will guide you step by step during your unique experience. There will also be the possibility to match excellent wines with the recipes you create, to fully savor this land, because it is clear to everyone that in Tuscany wine and food are inseparable. Each dish will be an explosion of flavors, colors and smells that will show the beauty of this land on plate, from your hands to the palate.

Savor Tuscan cuisine and its nuances in an experience dedicated to taste

In this Tuscan cooking class, a professional chef will reveal personal secrets to prepare the best dishes of the local tradition; you will learn the peculiarities of Tuscan regional cuisine and the typical dishes of Valdichiana Senese directly and in first person, with your hands and your special touch. The course will allow you to understand Tuscan culinary art under the watchful eye of the expert in local taste and traditional flavors. Under the supervision of the chef, you will cook two traditional local recipes and learn how to combine them with the right wine, enhancing both the flavors of the dish and the one of this precious nectar. A unique and exciting experience for true lovers of cooking, of good food and good wine.

What it includes

  • Cooking class with a professional chef;
  • Lunch or dinner paired with 3 wines;
  • Apron “Valdichiana Living”.

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Tour Informations € 169 per person

  • Where

    Valdichiana Senese

  • When

    10 am or 5 pm

  • Duration

    around 3 hours

  • Meeting point

    farm or restaurant in Valdichiana Senese

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€ 169 per person

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