8 new experiences to live in Valdichiana Senese in 2020

We all spend the first days of the new year thinking about good intentions for the year. We decided to show you tours and experiences that could enrich your new year with unique adventures and emotions. Who have never said "This year I want to visit this place, or I want to try this experience". Here's something you need to add to your "To do list" for 2020 . We designed beautiful and exciting experiences, such as having breakfast in the vineyard during the harvest, or a nice bike ride at dawn surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. Already having the good intention to participate in one of these adventures would enrich the new year with new emotions ! Are you ready to discover our new tours for 2020?

New experiences available all year round

The first three experiences we offer you have the great advantage of being available throughout all the year round


visit winecellar montepulciano This tour will take you to the two architectural souls of Montepulciano: the historic cellars on one side and the contemporary design cellars on the other. They are two sides of the Nobile di Montepulciano wine united by a timeless love. Imagine places that are so different from each other yet so similar. There is no better place than another, both keep the precious nectar inside the barrels. The tour includes a visit to the cellars and tasting of wine and typical products . An experience to try! Find out more Click Here


 A memorable experience to get to know the renowned Cinta Senese pig! It is an ancient breed with precious meats and exquisite fat , which is appreciated all over the world. The peculiarity of this kind of pig is to be bred in a semi-wild state and is nourished according to a diet based on cereals grown in Tuscany and with what they find "grazing". The tour begins with a walk between the vineyard and the olive grove where you can interact with the pigs and their puppies who play freely, then move on to an explanation of the history and qualities of the Cinta Senese. In the end, as always, there will be a nice tasting . Find out more Click Here


 This is one of the most exciting tours. Being close to a majestic animal like Chianina cow always gives that feeling of amazement and respect. The visit to a farm reveals all the care, love and dedication that are dedicated to this magnificent animal. Chianina is a gigantic but docile breed of cattle that has helped Tuscan agricultural activities so much before being bred because of its fine meats. Through this experience you will discover the various steps to prepare a perfect Florentine steak , including secrets and small details that make the Florentine steak so special. Find out more Click Here

What to do in Spring


 Don't you like the idea of preparing cheese with your own hands and learning how to make it at home? You can try this experience by relying on Beppe! Around here everyone knows him, he is a volcano of ideas, never short of topics, with a contagious cheerful spirit. And then Beppe makes a really good Pecorino cheese . From milking, to curdling, to seasoning, in his dairy every step is taken care of with the utmost professionalism and with great passion. The tour we offer is not a simple visit because here you can see, taste and above all make cheese! What's more, what Beppe will teach you is also replicable at home . How about, is it worth trying? For more info Click Here

What to do in the summer


 There is nothing more relaxing than a summer sunrise. The colors are bright and lively, the air is fresh and clear and the whole world is asleep . A bike ride through the illuminated hills of the Valdichiana with such a setting is truly a fascinating experience. Of course, the alarm at 4:30 is not really pleasing to everyone, but the effort is worth the show and with a little luck you can meet a few grazing roe deer. It all ends with a nice breakfast with fresh km 0 products . For more info Click Here

What to do in Autumn


 Do you want to know a unique way to get to know the Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG? The breakfast of the harvest is an experience of rare beauty that will bring you in the harvest period to appreciate closely the most important moment for wine producers. Taking advantage of the harvest period you will be able to live a unique experience in contact with the winegrowers of the Montepulciano area. In addition, everything will be seasoned with the originality and typicality of a truly beautiful and evocative moment like the breakfast after work in the vineyard. An exciting day to enrich 2020! For more info Click Here


 Another Tour to discover a great excellence: Extra Virgin Olive Oil . From October until early December the Valdichiana Senese is in turmoil to find out what "new oil" will be like. These are important moments that repay all the effort of working in the fields. Imagine experiencing the unique emotion of seeing that golden liquid flow. In short, if you are tempted by the idea of being part of a farm and following the team from harvesting to juice at local mills, equip yourself with comfortable clothing and goodwill! You will witness the pressing of the olives at the oil mill and you will taste the bruschetta with the new oil obtained with the olives also collected by you. Beautiful, is not it? For more info Click Here

What to do in Winter


 When there were no TV and internet in the houses, the families of the Valdichiana spent the winter evenings waking up, gathered around the large fireplace to tell stories , some that actually happened and others that were legendary. Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in an evening of peasant vigil in an atmosphere of the past and let yourself be conquered by the tales of authentic locals and the flavors of a dinner with a winter menu. The real Tuscan social dinner, a moment of meeting, of leisure, but also of rediscovery of being together . For more info Click Here