Autumn - Let’s pick up the olives

From the olive to the olive oil mill, alongside with the local producers

From October until the beginning of December, it is time for the olives’ harvest. The producers of the Valdichiana Senese face this period of intense work collecting boxes and boxes of olives, which are then pressed at the local olive oil mills. These months are as tiring as gratifying because, after a lot of effort and endless attention, watching the  emerald-colored liquid gold is a unique emotion for a producer of extra virgin olive oil. Would you like to help them on this challenge? Bring comfortable clothing and get ready to share the olive harvest experience with them. You will watch the olives being pressed at the press, and then you will taste a bruschetta topped with the fresh oil obtained from the olives, which you too will have picked up.

What it includes

  • Olives’ harvest;
  • Visit to an olive oil mill during olives’ processing;
  • Tasting of bruschetta topped with olive oil.

Additional information

On request:
transportation service.

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Tour Informations € 29,00 per person

  • Where

    Farm (to be agreed) in Valdichiana Senese

  • When

    from October to early December

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Meeting point

    11:00 am or 3:00 pm

  • Email

€ 29,00 per person

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We can organize the tour for groups (10 - 30).
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