Florentine Steak Experience

Everything you need to know about the most famous steak in the world, from breeding to tasting.

A simple three fingers-thick slice of meat? No! The Florentine T-bone steak is much more. This tour will take you to the origins of this Tuscan specialty appreciated all over the world.

All about Florentine Steak

Visit a Chianina farm, the cattle from which the real Florentine T-bone steak is made, to learn how much respect and devotion are recognized to this extraordinary animal, which in the past was an ally of man in the fields work. Learn about the history of Chianina, visit the stables and discover the various steps to prepare a perfect Florentine T-bone steak, including secrets and small details that make it so special.


What it includes

  • Visit of a Chianina breeding farm;
  • Lunch including a salami platter, Fiorentina T-bone steak of Chianina PGI (1.2 kg for 2 people; supplement for bigger steaks depending on the weight) and seasonal side dish, dessert, wine, water and coffee.


Additional information

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Tour Informations € 75,00 per person

  • Where

    Valdichiana Senese

  • When

    10.30 am

  • Duration

    2 hours and half

  • Meeting point

    Breeding farm in Valdichiana Senese

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€ 75,00 per person

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