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Why give a journey as a present for Christmas 2021

We have been waiting for this moment for a while and finally, with precautions, we can travel once again. The perfect opportunity has therefore arrived to give a journey as a present to the people we love most or, why not, to ourselves.

How long do you miss traveling? How much have you missed doing it these past two years? The only answers to these questions are already two valid reasons for giving a journey for Christmas.

Right now we can finally begin to breathe again (always with precautions and respecting all current regulations), so we should take the opportunity to get out of our usual places, from our habits, and go back to travel. We as our loved ones.

The choice can fall between a journey to a not yet visited place or to a place of the heart, to spend a few perfect days with those we most want to have by our side or, why not, alone, to allow ourselves some time.

But the real question is what kind of journey we should give? Here are some ideas.

Family and friends

There is nothing more beautiful than traveling with friends, especially when traveling as a family. Whether you are four, eight or ten when traveling with family or with friends, the goal or duration is not so important as it is to be all together. In the last two years, unfortunately, the opportunities for meetings have been limited: now instead is the perfect opportunity to have a holiday all together. Whether it's a stay in a farmhouse all for yourselves, where you can spend unforgettable days, or a short round-trip, a “family and friends” journey is certainly a gift that satisfies everyone. Furthermore, is a perfect idea for the so-called self-gifts, namely those presents who friends decide to give without too many surprises, in particular at the end of a particular year like this.

Travel as a couple

How many of you have already been stressed by doubts about what to give to the love partner? With a journey all doubts vanish. A vacation, whether it's for a week or just a weekend, is always a perfect gift for couples: the destination can be romantic, naturalistic, historical, metropolitan and avant-garde, and much more. In short, a gift journey for your partner is always a flawless gift. And now, for this Christmas, it could be the perfect opportunity to regain the lost experiences from last year. If your sweetheart is passionate about wines, you can make a surprise with a tasting in the cellar or with a lunch in a winery; if, on the other hand, your sweetheart is a wellness lover, you can always give an entrance to the spa or, on the other hand, surprise your lover with a romantic weekend getaway.

I travel alone

Last year we had to make some sacrifices for the benefit of all and this Christmas, now that we can finally return to travel, we could also think about giving ourselves a gift: it is nice to be together with loved ones and it is essential to have some friends to spend time together with, of course. However, it is also very, very important to dedicate time to yourself and your passions, your dreams and your adventures. This Christmas could be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a journey to discover wonderful places and find harmony with the rest of the world. And if you are a freelance why not treat yourself with a smart working holiday, far from the hectic pace of the city, to live a place like a real local for a longer period, taking advantage of the quality of life in certain places.

Whatever your travel gift idea is, Valdichiana Living can help you surprise those who love you with a personalized gift: an open-date voucher, for a single experience or a customizable holiday package. Contact us at info@valdichianaliving.it or +390578717484.