Valdichiana at your home, on your table

Pici with Valdichiana Aglione, Pecorino cheese from Pienza and Cinta Senese bacon

Reading the ingredients that we used to make this recipe, each of you will have thought that the dish will certainly be tasty, with strong and decisive flavors. You will be truly amazed when you will taste it and feel its delicacy. The Valdichiana Aglione (big garlic) in fact has the aroma of garlic, but with completely different characteristics. In fact, the Aglione garlic does not have a pungent taste, but sweet and soft. Pecorino di Pienza cheese, compared to many other pecorino pecorino cheeses, has the same characteristics, softer, more fragrant, sweet and delicate. We need to add the Cinta Senese bacon to give a more marked flavor and also a taste, this time yes, decided. Few ingredients that have an incredible flavor range: are you ready to discover the result of their paring?


- Pici
- 1 clove of Aglione (big garlic)
- Semi-aged Pecorino di Pienza cheese
- Cinta Senese bacon
- Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Butter
- Salt
- Pepper


First, clean the whole garlic and crush 3-4 cloves of it. Finely chop them almost to form a mush (you can use the mixer with the help of a little hot water). When you have obtained the mash, put it to stew with a little oil and a knob of butter, stretch with a little of pasta cooking water and let it simmer on a low heat for at least 15-20 min. You can cut the bacon into half centimeter slices and then into small cubes; put it on the fire separately with a little oil starting from a cold pan. When the water boils throw the pici and in the meantime grate the semi-seasoned Pecorino. The grated pecorino must be about twice the size of the Aglione cream. The bacon must become crunchy, but it must not dry out too much otherwise its flavor unbalances the dish. Once cooked, drain the pici and begin to toss and mix them with the aglione cream, once these ingredients are mixed, add the grated pecorino cheese and a little of cooking water. It will create an amazing cream.

You can serve and add the bacon. Enjoy!

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