Information on Coronavirus in Tuscany

Answers to the most important questions for anyone travelling or planning to travel in Tuscany

Last update: 9 August 2021, 5:00 pm

What is the situation at the moment in Tuscany?

The situation in Tuscany is monitored constantly across the region and specific protocols are implemented in public places to protect everyone’s health. Tuscany is currently classified as a “white zone”, the tier with the least restrictions.Remember that face protection must be worn indoors in public spaces throughout Italy. Masks do not have to be worn outdoors, apart from in situations where interpersonal distance cannot be observed and crowding may occur. Physical distancing must be observed.

As of 6 August, certain activities may only be carried out in possession of the EU Digital Covid-19 certificate, which shows that the holder has received at least one dose of a Sars-CoV-2 vaccine, that he/she has recovered from Sars-CoV-2 infection or he/she has a negative rapid antigen or molecular test result in the last 48 hours.

Tuscany and Italy possess one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Tuscany guarantees to all non-Italians currently in the region the same healthcare that it offers to its citizens: universal, public and free to all.

Are the museums and attractions open?

Museums, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and other cultural venues are open and operate according to specific protocols and with reduced capacity. Restaurants, bars and bakeries are also open to the public and operate according to specific guidelines.

As of 6 August, the EU Digital Covid Certificate or a negative molecular or antigen test will be required to access all indoor food outlets (the certificate will not be required for outdoor tables or for drinks served at the counter), shows, events and sporting competitions, museums and cultural venues, pools, gyms, wellness centres, fairs, food festivals, conferences and trade events, spas and theme parks. 

In Tuscany, a protocol has been introduced for hotels, accommodation, restaurants and other companies in the tourism sector, which is aimed at guaranteeing the best safety conditions for Covid-19. In addition to the legal obligations and clearly displayed information, companies that participate in the #toscanapiusicura campaign pledge to inform clients about the services provided by the Regional Health System and all the additional precautions that the company has adopted to ensure a safe stay. Details about these measures and the services provided can be found here:

Are the region's access points open?

Ports, airports, stations and motorways are open and operational. Check the status of your flight on the flight company’s website.

Travellers can enter Italy and Tuscany from abroad, with the exception of countries that have special measures and restrictions in force. Check the applicable provisions based on your country of origin on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website and the Italian Ministry of Health website.

Before entering Italy, you are required to fill in the Passenger Locator Form and, in certain cases, to notify the Prevention Department of the local health authority of your arrival in Tuscany using this form.

Toscana Aeroporti implements Covid-safe measures to ensure access to services at Florence and Pisa Airports.

Arrival and departure of public transport

Special measures are in place on public transport to guarantee social distancing and intensified cleaning.

For up-to-date information, we recommend that you visit the Region’s official website with real-time updates on the public transport situation:


What precautions has the Tuscany health system taken to protect residents and visitors?

The Tuscan Region guarantees its constant collaboration with the national health authorities and with the regional health offices, which are on alert and continuously kept informed with regards to operational updates and guidelines codified at national level.

The situation is being constantly monitored by the local health authorities, which guarantee the sanitary control of Tuscany via the adoption of actions and measures specifically geared towards prevention. Daily disinfection of regional trains and all local public transport has been intensified. In Tuscany’s airports, public spaces are being sanitised on a regular basis and handwash dispensers are available across the terminals.

Remember that Covid-19 tests can be taken in Tuscany without the need for a prescription and on a payment basis at private clinics and in certain pharmacies (rapid antigen and serological tests). The Italian Red Cross provides free antigen tests just outside Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence.

Can I cancel a trip?

If you decide to cancel your trip to Tuscany, we nevertheless recommend that you check with the accommodation or tour operator if it is possible to change the booking to another date.
For detailed information, please contact the accommodation that you have booked, the tour operator, and possibly your insurance company, if you have stipulated a cancellation policy for the trip.

Once I’m in Tuscany, who can I contact in case of emergency?

In Tuscany you can get in contact with the health authorities by calling the 24/7 public freephone number set up by the Ministry of Health: 1500
For information, orientation and details about Covid-19, phone 055 4385850 from Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm. Calls will be answered by trained operators.
If you are a Tour Operator and would like to receive information about the destination, write to

Once in the Valdichiana Senese is it possible to take a serological test?

Yes, it is possible to do it at the Terme di Chianciano Lab. The cost of the exam is 25.00€. Reservations are required calling at 0578/68321 or by email at  The exam must be prescribed by your personal doctor and it is necessary to provide his/her email at the moment of the reservation in order to send him/her the results.

To carry out the examination it is necessary:
- not having had direct contact with people with Covid-19 infection in the past 14 days;
- not having had contact with people in quarantine in the last 14 days;
- Do not have and have not had, in the last 14 days, cough, breathing difficulties, fever above 37.5 ° C or flu syndrome.

Are the thermal baths of the Valdichiana Senese opened? 

Yes, the thermal bath of Valdichiana Senese (Terme di Montepulciano, Terme di Chianciano and Fonteverde Spa) are equipped with an internal medical facility and are therefore regularly open.

- The Terme di Montepulciano guarantee all services falling within the essential levels of assistance. All the info on

- The Terme di Chianciano Terme, on the basis of current regulations, guarantee the use of the following services and are therefore open: the "Sillene" establishment for thermal treatments (muds and therapeutic baths for arthrheumatic diseases, muds and baths for liver diseases, baths treatments for vascular diseases) rehabilitation and specialist visits; the “Acqua Santa” Park for hydropinic treatment, the Analysis laboratory for normal activity and for Covid-19 tests and swabs. The Sensory Hall and Theia Thermal Pools are temporarily closed. All the info on

- Fonteverde Spa is regularly open with all active services. All the info on

What should I do to ensure I have a safe trip?

- Here are some straightforward rules to help contain infection from Coronavirus;
- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based gel;
- Avoid close contact with people, keeping a distance of at least 1.8 metres;
- Do not shake hands or hug until the emergency has subsided;
- Do not touch your mouth, eyes or/and nose with your hands;
- Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you sneeze or cough, or sneeze or cough into the inner fold of your elbow;
- If you have flu-like symptoms, do not go to the hospital emergency room or to a doctor’s surgery; call the freephone number 1500;
- Clean surfaces with chlorine- or alcohol-based disinfectants;
- Use face protection during all social contact;
- Do not share bottles and glasses, especially during exercising;
- Do not take antiviral medication or antibiotics unless prescribed by a doctor;
- MADE IN CHINA products and packages from China are not hazardous;
- Pets do not spread the new Coronavirus. It is always good practice to wash your hands after being in contact with animals;

How can I stay updated as the situation develops?

The Tuscan Region has activated a special section on its website where you can find all information and updates, from health ordinances to logistical changes: