Valdichiana Eating : discovery and tradition

A “complete” knowledge of Val di Chiana cannot be limited to the history and landscapes that this portion of the universe actually offers.

Valdichiana Livinig was joined by Valdichiana Eating, i.e., the “Val di Chiana to eat”, with all the unique aromas and flavors that make Sienese culinary tradition a world-renowned excellence. Chianina Meat, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pecorino Cheese from Pienza: these are just a few of the names of the zero food miles products essential to get to know the area.

Anyway, why is food so essential to discover the territory?

To savor traditional sero food miles products is the first step to venture with all the senses, first of all with taste, into the secrets of Val di Chiana Senese. Here, the local culinary tradition blend with the hues of the colors of the hills, making this journey between flavors and landscapes a unique experience of its kind.

Besides, to know the local food and zero food miles products also means choosing a healthier nutrition and a better quality of lifestyle.

The variety of products, and the strictly organic cultivation methods, are a guarantee in itself. That’s why Valdichiana Eating is not just about promoting food. It is also committed to creating a stronger and stronger circuit for those local companies and producers, which still keep this unique tradition alive.

Valdichiana Eating is the conjunction between discovery and tradition, namely, between two indispensable elements to immerse yourselves in Val di Chiana Senese with all the senses.