Get by train to the Etruscan Lands of Tuscany and Umbria

Discover the benefits of a sustainable journey

"Chiusi-Chianciano Terme"; this is the name of the railway station where to get off the train to reach the Etruscan lands of Tuscany and Umbria.

Thanks to Trenitalia Frecciarossa 9501 and 9570 high-speed trains stops , getting to the Tuscan areas of Valdichiana Senese, Valdichiana Aretina, Val d'Orcia, Amiata and Terre di Siena, as well as to the nearby Umbrian area of Trasimeno, is even faster.

The Trenitalia Frecciarossa high-speed train travelling on the Milan-Rome-Naples route leaves Milan every morning at 5:00 am and reaches Chiusi-Chianciano Terme at 7:56 am, it stops in Bologna Centrale (6:02 am), Firenze Santa Maria Novella (6:46 am), Arezzo (7:28 am), Roma Tiburtina (8.51 am), Roma Termini (8:58 am), Napoli Centrale (10:20 am).

The other Frecciarossa high-speed train, travelling on the Naples-Rome-Milan route, leaves Napoli Centrale at 6:50 pm and arrives in Chiusi-Chianciano Terme at 9:07 pm, it stops in Roma Termini (8:00 pm), Roma Tiburtina (at 20:17), Florence Santa Maria Novella (at 21:51), Bologna Centrale (at 22:35), Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana (at 22:57), Milan Rogoredo (at 23:35) and arrives in Milan Central (11:50 pm).
The portal is the website to discover the areas connected with the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme railway station and to take advantage of the many discounts and benefits linked to the train ticket's purchase. On it is possible to:

- Find information about the areas of Valdichiana Senese, Valdichiana Aretina, Val d'Orcia, Amiata, Terre di Siena and Trasimeno;

- Stay up to date on the major upcoming events and then reach them comfortably by train;

- Check the availability of many accommodation facilities including hotels and farmhouses and book them directly from the website;

- Choose between offers or special packages dedicated to events and buy them with just a few clicks.


Choosing to travel by train does not just mean environmental benefits, as it is a "green" means of transport, but it also allows you to save on accommodations and other services. Let's see how.

If the customer stay is of at least 12 nights in half board or full board, the accommodation facility will recognize a discount equal to the amount spent on the purchase of the full round-trip train ticket for Chiusi Chianciano Terme railway station with a limit of 80 (eighty) euros per person, excluding 1, 2 or 3 star accommodation facilities, for which the maximum refundable amount will be of 50 (fifty) euros.

The customer booking a 6-night stay on half board or full board, will receive a discount equal to the value of the outbound train ticket

In the event of a minimum stay of 3 nights a 10% discount will be applied on the cost of the accommodation service  

A loyalty offer valid within 12 months from the 1st trip, of min. 2 nights with discounts between the 10 and the 30% on the cost of the round trip ticket

Special discounts for a daily round-trip are also available if the clients decide to eat in our restaurants or enjoy other services.

The list of our service providers is always updating and you can check it on the portal as well as the regulation, our proposals and offers.


Recently Valdichiana Living has become Trenitalia's partner agency and an official reseller of tickets for single rides and season tickets, with discounts and dedicated offers for groups.

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