Chianciano: not only thermal baths

In the southern end of the siena’s province you may discover amazing places: among them is Chianciano Terme, a little city with ancient origins. Firstly, the Etruscan population settled there to benefit from the thermal baths naturally present in Chianciano.

In recent times, the thermal baths of Chianciano recieved a large development, especially during the economic boom following the Second World War; between the 50’s and the 80’s the thermalism (meaning expressly the concept salus per acquam), especially for the agreements between the Health National System and Thermal properties. These collaborations still remain , even if the actual trend is going towards the sector of Wellness and Spa.

Today, the two different hearts of Thermalism in Chianciano, so health and wellness, have a perfect equilibrium: the Sensorial Spa which is oriented to wellness, the Thermal Pools Theia, which have recently been enlarged with kids area, and the Sillene Thermal Baths, oriented to modern healing practices and to therapies for liver, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Chianciano is also very well known for the drinking waters, as Acqua Fucoli and Acqua Santa, rich in good properties.

However,  Chianciano is not only thermal baths, as indicated in the name. Chianciano is alsohistory,landscape, congresses, big events and sport.
First of all, the city  hosts one of the most important Etruscan museums in Italy: here you will enjoy many historical finds; the Etruscans live again in thematic sections illustrating the most important moments of life and death in the old Tuscany. Out of curiosity: the Etruscan Museum in Chianciano has the most important collection of Etruscan canopic jars in Italy.

Chianciano also has the right features to support the organization of big events, meetings and congresses. Examples? The Fucoli Park, linked to the Acqua Santa Park, extended for 4 hectares alternating between green area and paved zones. In the middle of Fucoli Park there is also the tensile structure “PalaMontepaschi”, which can host around 1,000 people. On the other side, the Acqua Santa Park, there is the Nervi Hall, a big room perfect for meetings and congresses.

Concerning hospitality, Chianciano  can accomodate big groups, offering them the possibility of visiting the attractive historical center or to enjoying the breathtaking view of Valdichiana (from one side) and Valdorcia (from the other side, in the area called “La Foce”).

Chianciano Terme is more than what we have just mentioned; one of the hidden resources of the city is also the sport sector: the town has been acknowledged as European Town of Sport 2019Among the most important sport buildings  which make Chianciano an important sport destination there are: external Olimpic Swimming Pool, which are 50 mt long, together with the internal pools for adults and children, the 5 m diving board , the Sport palace with baskets, volleyball nets, and football courts.

Nevertheless,  families also will find everything they need to enjoy their holidays: not only the childrens area inside the Theia thermal pools, but also the possibility of taking a tour on the Chianciano Express for discovering the city or experiencing the  adventurous paths  inside the Indiana Adventure Park. The city is alive all the year round with the activities arranged by the local Associations  inside the Fucoli park.

In short, Chianciano Terme takes different forms, that’s  why some important artists as Pirandello and Fellini loved it. Today the tourism offered in Chianciano is absolutely wider and diversified, compared to the past: with its strategic position in the very heart of Valdichiana, only a few kilometers away from the highway, the town is a very charming destination for any Tuscany Lovers!