Chiusi... one day is not enough!

Chiusi is an old Etruscan town located on the top of a hill, 400 meters above sea level: it is also the last Tuscan outpost before entering the region Umbria.
The city of Chiusi is  full of exceptional  history that is almost unknown, also to local inhabitants: it’s territory is so rich in archaeological sites, that one day is not enough to visit all of them. If you plan on making an excursion with your family, experiencing culture, nature and physical activity, Chiusi is the perfect destination.

Getting to Chiusi is very simple: the highway A1 is only a few kilometers away ( highway exit Chiusi – Chianciano Terme), whereas the railway station, the most important in Valdichiana Senese, is well linked to Florence and Rome.

On a sunny day, take your bike on the train, and when in Chiusi Scalo, take the  “Sentiero della Bonifica” ( The Reclamation Path), towards Chiusi Lake. The pathway crosses the land and links  Chiusi Lake, a beautiful place perfect for picnics and fishing, to the Natural Reserve of Montepulciano Lake. Making a stop at Chiusi Lake is also a good occasion for tasting one of  the most  desired dishes in Valdichiana Senese: the “Brustico”. Brustico is an Etruscan recipe and an important culinary tradition of the area; it is  made by roasting fish over the reeds growing around the lake, the result is an interly unique flavor.

If you prefer a cultural tour among historical remains rather than bike adventures, Chiusi Alta, the highest part of the city, is the perfect place to discover. The historic center of Chiusi is only one km away from Chiusi Station: the two parts are linked with urban buses that pass every 40 minutes. When in the center of Chiusi, you will be surprised by the large amount of historical treasures concentrated in a very small area. On the top of the list there is the beautiful  Cathedral of “San Secondiano” in the Duomo Square: it is considered one of the oldest in Tuscany. Inside, it is possible to go to the Museum of the Cathedral; from there another option is visiting the Porsenna Labyrinth , an underground path  made by narrow tunnels, which are part of a complex Etruscan plumbing system developed under the city of Chiusi. At the Museum of the Cathedral it is possible to reserve a tour to the Catacombs, located almost 2 km away from this historic town.

Next to the Duomo Square there is the Etruscan National Museum, one of the most important and most prestigious museums in Italy, for the studies and knowledge of the Etruscans.  There it is possible to reserve visits to the excovated historical tombs, such as “ Tomba della Pellegrina” and “ Tomba del Leone” ( entrance included in the price of the Etruscan National Museum) or the guided tours of the tombs  ” Tomba della Scimmia” and “ Tomba del Colle”. However, the flagship of Chiusi is of course under the way: the Civic Museum – Undergroud City is composed of 140 mt hypogeum tunnels, where it is possible to see the unique look into Italian life that is completly dedicated to Etruscan epitaphs.

Last recommendation: enjoy Chiusi until the end of the day, at  sunset, Chiusi Lake becomes more beautiful than ever, casting different colors such as pink and orange!