Bikes: what a passion!

Bicycle is one of the best ways to venture into the landscapes of Val di Chiana Senese and discover its endless panoramas. The area, in fact, offers countless paths along which it is possible to reach the main tourist and archaeological destinations of Val di Chiana Senese. Today, more than ever, on the occasion of the first centenary of the Giro d’Italia, we cannot but celebrate the world’s most famous two-wheeled vehicle.

When talking about bicycles in Tuscany, one cannot but think of “L’eroica”, i.e. the famous cycling race that crosses the province of Siena. On the occasion of its 21st edition, in fact, the race will take place at the Valdichiana Outlet Village with the exhibition “La favolosa storia del ciclismo eroico. L’Eroica racconta” [The Fabulous History of Heroic Cycling. The Heroic Speaks about Itself]”, on display until May 7th. An itinerant exhibition set up on the five roads of the Valdichiana Outlet Village, where you can retrace the history of the race and bike in Valdichiana. You can admire memorabilia, jerseys, authentic documents, and even a room with collectible vintage bikes. So, do not miss this extremely rich calendar of events, which will end on Sunday, May 13 with the “Donne eroiche [Heroic Women]” bike ride: an entirely female 20-km path through the “dirt roads” of the province of Siena.

However, you can find the same hustle and spirit of adventure of the “Eroica” also in the e-bikes of Urban Bikery, i.e. the e-bike rental, which recently opened near Piazza Grande in Montepulciano, in the splendid locations of the Loggia della Mercanzia. For a few weeks, e-bikes, like animals on reconnaisance, are about to conquer the landscapes of Val di Chiana Senese. With their special design, partly vintage and partly futuristic, electric bikes are all unique crafts, 100% Italian. Renting a bike, and choosing the right tour featured by Valdichiana Living, you will discover the most beautiful villages in Italy, as well as the local wine-and-food specialties. It is not by chance that this idea has arisen from the desire to offer a unique service. So that all of you can experience the Tuscan landscape as a whole. Thanks to the fully electric system that guarantees a range of 70km, even the less trained ones will forget about fatigue. Just to be carried away by emotions.

Bicycle, apart from being the best means of transport to discover the secrets of Val di Chiana. It is also a means that will let you enjoy an authentic and total experience through the enchanting hills of the province of Siena. For this reason, we cannot but suggest you to combine a tour by Valdichiana Living . Mayve with the Urban Bikery biking experience, also tracing the different stages of the Eroica, making your stay in Val di Chiana unforgettable.