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Return to physical activity? Yes, but soft and outdoors, even on your Tuscan holiday.

Everything you need for an active and wellness stay can be found in the Valdichiana Senese

Even the most passionate about sports, who practice it regularly, with the coronavirus emergency have reviewed their healthy habits in favor of collective health protection. If the quarantine led also an body weight increase, a resumption of physical activity is absolutely recommended, preferably outdoors, accompanied by a diet. Recently the Italian Sports Medical Federation has published guidelines on its website to return to exercise in a healthy and safe way.

It is well known that physical activity is a powerful tool for the prevention of chronic diseases and studies show that a low physical activity, or a sedentary lifestyle, even for short periods (less than 4 weeks) , involve a functional alteration not only to muscular system, but to whole organism. In other words, we strain for any minimal physical effort. Therefore start, or resuming, physical activity, gradually, with due caution and in safe conditions, is essential. During exercise sessions, it will be important to comply with certain indications in terms of intensity, frequency, volume and method of exercise, applying what is suggested by the international scientific communities, the World Health Organization and the FMSI in the recent Italian Physical Activity Prescription Guidelines for healthy adults.

If you are planning your next holiday, the suggestion is not to forget the benefits of physical activity, especially outdoors activities. In Valdichiana Senese when we talk about outdoor physical activity we are not referring to green public parks or city gardens, but to white roads, country estates, nature reserves and vineyards; all surrounded by the typical Tuscan hilly landscape of Valdichiana Senese, which recently obtained the title of Italian Destination of Wellbeing within the European Destination of Excellence Network (EDEN). Playing sports in this territory of southern Tuscany allows you to improve the psycho-physical state at 360°, because every activity is carried out in contact with nature and with local realities, such as winery and farms.

Are you looking for a physical activity but soft? Valdichiana Living has thought of Yoga on the shores of Chiusi lake, next to Umbria, in the territory of one of the most important towns of the Etruscan era. Another proposal is Functional Training in the vineyard, directly to one of the winery in the surroundings of the historic center of Montepulciano, the pearl of the Tuscan Renaissance, where you can also taste the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Fitness classes in the open air there will be accompanied also by a tasting of typical products of the area, strictly organic and zero miles; a complete training for your well-being. All this takes place according to the rules of social distancing and sanitary hygiene rules imposed by national law.

For those who love to walk in the open countryside, on foot or by bicycle, away from noise and crowds, here are just some of a wider selection of paths that you can discover on the Valdichiana Living website and explore freely, or with a guided tour: the Path of Reclamation, which in the section that intersects Valdichiana Senese connects Montepulciano lake with Chiusi lake; the Path of Barlettaia, which flows into the Unesco heritage hills of Val d’Orcia and Pienza; the Path of Vinsanto, which extends between the two medieval villages of Torrita di Siena and Montefollonico; the path on the peak of Cetona Mount (1,148 m), which will lead you to an extraordinary natural panoramic terrace; Via Francigena, in the territory of San Casciano dei Bagni, the last stretch of the Tuscan path before crossing the border with Lazio; the Path of the Molini (Literally of the mills) in Sarteano, which intercepts 7 country churches and the ruins of ancient mills; the path towards Sant'Anna in Camprena, which starts from the lounge-hamlet of Castelmuzio and reaches what was the set of the film "The English Patient".


Everything you are looking for an active and wellness stay can be found in the Valdichiana Senese
To complete an active and wellbeing holiday, the thermal waters of Valdichiana Senese are ideal for regenerating the body, inside and out. In addition, at the Terme di Chianciano it is possible to follow courses from 3 to 7 days, including massages, mud, baths in the thermal waters and health programs accompanied by specialized personnel.

Everything you are looking for is here, in Valdichiana Senese.