'EXVALSE', 'Operation/Project co-financed by the Tuscan Por Fesr 2014-2020'

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Travels for dynamic women

Travels for dynamic women

Travel, grow, connect. With other women.

Dynamic, romantic, elegant, trendy and definitely fascinating. The Valdichiana is female. 

With Valdichiana Living you will discover the most authentic face of Tuscany, you will meet the women of the Valdichiana and you will live the most incredible experiences in the South of Tuscany, on your own or in company. 

Ready to go? You will discover the history of the etruscan women, independent and elegant, the places where tuscan culture established roots, thanks to great women, both in the past and contemporary, you will listen to the stories of the local businesswomen, who make this territory an excellence, you will take part in the best female experiences Tuscany has to offer. 

Our itineraries are plots made by women for women, with care, mastery and refinment to enlighten the most feminine and daring side of Tuscany. Pick the itinerary and set the date. Valdichiana Living will guarantee departure with at least 8 travellers. 


What traveler are you?

Meet and learn

A journey that is an opportunity

A journey to Tuscany offers not only breathtaking landscapes, but also the opportunity to create an all female network. You will get the chance to know the businesswomen of the Valdichiana Senese, involved in viticulture, agriculture and catering, and to interact with capable and dynamic travellers from all over the world

Women in art and culture

A journey that inspires

Artists, musicians, archaeologists: women’s role in the Tuscan cultural universe is undeniable. In the Valdichiana Senese you will learn their stories and will be inspired, along with your fellow travellers.

Tuscan Lifestyle

A journey that is tradition

To travel is to exchange views, meet new people, gather. Pasta making, floral design classes or wine tastings, in the Valdichiana Senese there are many occasions to converse with local women, keepers of ancient practices and anthropological rituals profoundly linked to this area’s traditions.

Tuscan gateway

A journey to reborn

An entire week among women, in the name of relaxation, culture and soul healing. From the thermal baths of Fonteverde, to yoga on the lake in Chiusi, the Valdichiana Senese is ready to welcome you, along with your fellow travellers, to offer you a rigenerating stay, for the body and the mind.