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Winter in Valdichiana Senese

Culture, Food, Wine, Relax and Events

The Valdichiana Senese is one of the most desired destinations for those who want to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, especially in summer. But do you know that land in winter has an incredible charm ? Visit these places in the cold period offers great advantages? We are used to to plan our holidays in summer, by habit, for culture and to avoid the risks of bad weather. This is an acceptable choice, but these wonderful places exist even in winter and often look different but even more magical . The postcard landscapes change with the seasons in light and colors, but their beauty remains intact and offers new points of view. The villages are more peaceful and silent, but farms and restaurants are open, with so many winter flavors to be discovered. Not only wine and cheese, but also truffles, mushrooms and typical winter dishes. Shops are open, where in winter you can buy high quality products at best prices . In short, the winter holidays in Valdichiana Senese offer much more than you can imagine. But what are these advantages and what can you do in the Valdichiana in Siena in winter? Let's find out together arte, cultura, musei

The advantage of less crowded streets

Anyone who has been here in the summer will surely remember, in addition to the many beautiful things, a great multitude of people who flock to the main courses of the villages. The queue at the checkout for those who shop, the queue at the museum, which is crowded and you can't appreciate it as it should, waiting to have a coffee or a table in the restaurant. As is normal, the more people there are, the more you have to wait. So you can dine in a typical tavern without having to wait , you can enjoy a museum in silence, or talk to a craftsman with tranquility. In short, the rhythms of winter increase attention and this is what makes us feel good on vacation. DISCOVER MUSEUMS, EXHIBITIONS AND CULTURAL TOURS terme

Relax and wellness at the spa

Everybody likes a relaxing afternoon immersed in the thermal waters. In summer, however, thanks to the heat and the many outdoor activities, the relaxing day at the spa is often overlooked. In winter, the baths take on an incredible charm. In short, imagine the cold temperatures outside and you are immersed in a hydromassage thermal water pool, or in a sauna, or in a Turkish bath. What do you think? ? Well, the spa facilities of Chianciano Terme, San Casciano dei Bagni and Montepulciano are avant-garde and will make you experience moments of pure deserved relaxation . FIND OUT MORE cibo e vino

Food and wine do not hibernate

Anyone who thinks that the events in these parts will end in September and start again in June is really wrong! This is a living land for 365 days a year . In fact, even in winter there is plenty of choice. Some examples? Here you are satisfied. First of all we can talk about food and wine. Village festivals, food festivals, fairs, markets and lots of activities and experiences. For example, you can take tours dedicated to Chianina, Cinta Senese, Pecorino or extra virgin olive oil, participate in the live collection and taste the oil "novo" as soon as they are pressed, take courses in Tuscan cooking or dedicated to cantucci, or you can visit wineries and dairies. DISCOVER ALL ACTIVITIES DISCOVER ALL THE EVENTS Furthermore a land of great wine. The wine is a great winter protagonist . Tours and tastings don't stop at the drop in temperature on thermometers. In addition, there are the previews, where the wines will make their debut. The Preview of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, for example, take place in February and is a highly anticipated event which takes place in february in the splendid setting of the Fortress and attracts professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. FIND OUT MORE winter events

A living land 365 days a year

And then there is the Christmas that illuminates the villages and fills them with life. In Montepulciano, for example, there is the biggest Christmas market in central Italy . Chianciano Terme also celebrate Christmas in style and organizes Christmas events for adults and children, truly magical and engaging. In Sarteano, on the other hand, the small village is filled with tourists coming from all over Italy to admire the cribs of the world. For more information on Christmas events CLICK HERE Furthermore in Montepulciano you can enjoy the New Year's Eve with lots of dinner, market and breathtaking fireworks that at the stroke of midnight they rise to the sky from the town hall. FIND OUT MORE Didn't you feel like visiting the Valdichiana in winter? Check out our PACKAGES AND OFFERS )