Three reasons to choose Valdichiana Senese NOW!

You don't need long lists to choose Valdichiana Senese

In a period like this, the Sienese Valdichiana represents one of the best destinations to spend your holidays. All of us (although perhaps a little scared this year) have only one question in mind when summer begins: where do I spend my holidays?

Well, the answer is simple, in the wonderful countryside of the Sienese Valdichiana! But why is it a perfect destination in this period? We can sum up everything with 4 keywords: comfort, optimism, organization, well-being.

<h2>Valdichiana Senese: Land of optimism and organization</h2>


The period of uncertainty linked to the Covid-19 emergency has not affected the optimism that swirls naturally in the soul of Tuscan people. And so the tourist operators of this area have armed themselves with good will to <b>redesign itineraries and programs</b>, to offer guests an equally authentic and suggestive holiday but with all the precautions that this historical moment requires.

Everyone, absolutely everyone has armed themselves with goodwill from farms, restaurants, tour operators to municipalities in order to be able to safely return to what they like and do best: hospitality.

We cannot but thank our territory, because the beautiful countryside, the low population density and the fact that it is a niche destination far from the most popular tourist tracks, have certainly made everyone's task easier.

So the people who work in the sector have given themselves three precise rules in order to make your experience wonderful: <b>maximum flexibility, maximum availability, but also and above all, maximum authenticity!</b>


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<h2>Sienese Valdichiana: Land of well-being</h2>


Yes, this is the <b>land of well-being</b> and we don't say it, but it was the European EDEN network that included it among the destinations of Excellence. But what are the characteristics that led to this important recognition? Mainly four: the landscape, food, spas and folklore.

The Romans used to say "Mens sana in corpore sana" and here the climate, the landscape, the food and the spas are good for the body and the spirit. The Romans themselves settled in these areas to build spas of excellence where the Rome of the consuls, senators and high nobility came to spend their summer holidays. In fact, the proximity of Monte Amiata has given the Sienese Valdichiana the good fortune of having <b>thermal waters</b> that flow naturally from the ground. Relaxing waters and healing waters. The territory has given us another great resource, the landscape which combined with that of man's work has turned into one of the most <b>beautiful countryside</b> in the world.

Man has also done other things, building over the centuries a rich range of traditions inside the kitchens and outside in the squares. In fact, good food, genuine and excellent, combined with wine makes this area a temple for food lovers. From <b>Pecorino di Pienza to Chianina, from Cinta senese to Nobile Wine</b>, you don't get tired of being at the table. 

The peace given by the landscape, the relaxation and care of the spa, the pleasure given by the good wine and the fun given by the traditions bring the Valdichiana to be a unique and extraordinary travel destination.


<h2>Sienese Valdichiana: Land easy to reach</h2>


The position of the Valdichiana Senese is truly <b>strategic</b>. It is an area in the open countryside even if not far from the cities of Siena, Arezzo, Florence, but also Perugia and Rome. In short, the geographical position of the Valdichiana, located right in the center of Italy, allows anyone to easily reach it. More or less equidistant from Naples and Milan you can reach the Valdichiana Senese with particular ease thanks to the <b>A1 highway connection</b>, with the "Chiusi" exits to the south and "Valdichiana" to the north. It is also well connected with Umbria and the Grosseto area. There's more, here also passes the Trenitalia <b>high-speed Freccia Rossa train</b>, which stops right at the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station, touching the major cities of Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. In short, half beautiful, comfortable and easy to reach.

We have selected for you different tours and activiteis to let you feel the Tuscan style. Choose from food and wine tastings, cooking classes, walking tours and guided tours. Choose to live the Valdichiana.

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