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The Sienese Valdichiana is "Paradise of Italian well-being"

Valdichiana Senese Italian queen of wellness, joins the EDEN European network

The Valdichiana Senese has recently received the very important recognition of a "Paradise of Italian well-being". This award comes from the European Destinations of Excellence Network project. The project EDEN network was created to brings together all those European territories that have created a sustainable tourism system. This recognition, therefore, belongs to the localities that put in place a mix of products: wellness, nature, sustainability and food and wine. The thermal waters, the quality of wine and food, the unique landscapes that reflect the balance between man and nature, make the Valdichiana Senese an excellent destination for health and well-being. This fantastic land meet the expectations of different categories of travelers with different travel motivations whether they are food and wine, relaxation and entertainment, cultural or active travel. In short, the Sienese Valdichiana is a territory that offers a lot of opportunity, perhaps all everything you need for your well-being. Good and genuine food, with very famous excellences, wines among the most appreciated in the world and then spas, nature and unique landscapes, a mild climate and a traditional historical culture and hospitality. All we need to do is enhance the emotions that this land has given us naturally. Do you really want to know the essence of the well-being of the Sienese Valdichiana?

The thermal baths

The Sienese Valdichiana is historically an area of ancient thermal tradition. Already in Roman times these lands were a destination for tourism because of the miraculous waters that flow from the earth. 4 of the 10 municipalities that make up the Valdichiana Senese are famous for their thermal waters. In Montepulciano, for example, sulphurous salso-bromoiodic waters rich in carbon dioxide flow which, thanks to the active principles of sulfur and bromine, offer a wide range of treatments for respiratory, arthro-rheumatic and skin diseases. In Chianciano, on the other hand, there are several springs where waters with different properties flow: the water from the Acquasanta park, the Sillene water and the Fucoli water. Here you can also make ideal spa treatments for psychophysical well-being thanks to the presence of various systems dedicated to body beauty, relaxation and personal care. It is also possible to take advantage of the hydropinic cure with Holy Water, a cure enriched by baths and mud at Terme Sillene where therapeutic thermal baths for vascular pathologies are carried out. In Sarteano you can find fantastic swimming pool surrounded by a large and beautiful park. Already narrated by Roman texts, the thermo-mineral water that feeds the pools has never ceased to flow at a constant temperature of 24 ° C with great healing properties. Last but not least, San Casciano dei Bagni, where you can let yourself go and relax in the warm waters. Health and thermal relaxation throughout the Sienese Valdichiana area. Are you curious to discover our spa wellness proposals? CLICK HERE

Authentic experiences with producers

When we see new places, visit farms and buy products, we all pay attention to an important detail: is this place a tourist trap or is it authentic? Here, precisely the degree of authenticity of the experiences that are lived in a place is an indication of the quality of the offer of that territory, as well as of the lifestyle. Here each experience directly involves the producers who are the first hospitality operators and the main storytellers of the Valdichiana Senese. The stories they can tell, their history and the anecdotes that tie them to their business, are the result of a great traditional cultural background. In essence, the producers are the spokespersons of a precise lifestyle made of human, empathic interactions, which distinguishes this territory from the others. Here you can taste some of the most appreciated food and wine excellences in the world, you can get to know them deeply, through the stories of those who have dedicated their lives to one or the other excellent production. Here we go to the true origin of something extraordinary like the products of this land. Just to give some examples, what would you say to know the history and stories of a Chianina or Cinta Senese breeder, or a producer of the Nobile di Montepulciano wine, or of the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Do you want to discover our best food and wine experiences? CLICK HERE

Territory and Culture

So the Valdichiana Senese is characterized by the thermal baths, by the good food and then, to complete the picture, by the environment that surrounds us. The landscapes and villages of the Sienese Valdichiana are known to everyone in any part of the planet. In the midst of postcard places there are inhabited centers of extraordinary beauty and great cultural importance. 7 of the 9 municipalities that make up the Sienese Valdichiana, Cetona, Chiusi, Trequanda, Montefollonico (Torrita di Siena), Montepulciano, Sarteano,San Casciano dei Bagni have obtained the recognition of the "Orange Flag". What does it represent? A brand that is awarded to places that enjoy a valuable historical, cultural and environmental heritage and offer tourists a quality welcome. In particular, it certifies that the small villages in the hinterland are in line with the Touring Club's sustainable development programs. Among the 10 municipalities of the Valdichiana Senese there are 2 of the "Most beautiful villages in Italy", we are talking about Cetona and San Casciano dei Bagni. The territory of the Valdichiana Senese is not only characterized by its beauty, but also by cultural liveliness. Here the population is active and has an important link with social traditions. Here practically everywhere, you can attend the disputes between the "contrade" that animate the historic centers, or listen to a concert of classical music of absolute value, you can meet all the producers and taste their wine in advance at the Preview del Vino Nobile, or taste a typical product in one of the many village festivals held here. In short, not only beauty, but also an active life. Do you want to know more about what to expect? CLICK HERE to learn more about territory CLICK HERE to learn more about events and festivals