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Local ambassador stories: Giovanni Bulgari, San Casciano dei Bagni

Every fruit is a jewel of the earth. Attention to detail, constant research, and a strong passion for what is done every day make the wine and jewelry industries truly related, although you would never think so!”
This is said by Giovanni Bulgari, a young gemologist who until the early 2000s was in charge of selecting precious stones for the famous jewelry maison, who has never hidden his love for the countryside and agriculture.
A feeling so deep that it has led him to devote himself body and soul to the farm located in the Valdichiana Senese, in San Casciano dei Bagni: “Podernuovo is special to me and represents the place where I have chosen to cultivate my greatest passion and where I have decided to live my daily life. My family and I have always had a deep connection with this area, we have always come to these areas to spend peaceful moments away from the chaos of a big city like Rome”.
Choosing to put down roots in the Valdichiana Senese, in San Casciano dei Bagni, was a major change for Giovanni Bulgari, a turning point that led to a total change in his life, driven by the desire to create something all his own: “Driven by a strong feeling toward agriculture, I set out to find a place with a vocation for viticulture that could transmit strong emotions to me. Podernuovo in Palazzone is that place! A place that I am proud of today and that fills me with pride”.
Six labels, including four reds, a rosé and a white, produced from the approximately 26 hectares of vineyards that stretch across the territory of Palazzone, a hamlet of San Casciano dei Bagni with many vineyards. The winery, intended as a place of worship in which the wine rests and matures to give its best, is a structure that blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape, with colors and geometries that match the rolling hills of the area.
In the winery's production, environmental protection is an aspect to which special attention is paid: “Here the soil is still genuine, the area is practically untouched, and that is why it is even more important to protect the ecosystem. The winery is almost zero-emission, operating thanks to a photovoltaic system and a geothermal one. In addition, the materials used to construct the building, such as concrete, steel, wood and glass, are the same materials we use for winemaking and aging our wines. But the investments related to sustainability are not finished, and in order to be eco-sustainable even in the vineyard we started two years ago the transition to organic farming.”
Of the Valdichiana Senese Giovanni Bulgari confesses that he loves the atmosphere here, the surrounding nature and the sense of relaxation it generates, and about San Casciano dei Bagni he concludes by saying, “It is a very nice village that I visit often both for the thermal baths and for the extraordinary food and wine proposal it offers”.

Place of the local ambassador's heart:
As a nature lover, I love to walk a lot of miles, so I would say that the places I am most fond of are the wooded trails and white roads found in the municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni

Giovanni Bulgari, entrepreneur