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Easter in Valdichiana Senese like a local

Get inspired with our ideas for an authentic Easter holiday in Tuscany

Easter in Tuscany and in Valdichiana Senese is tradition, nature and conviviality. In these first days of spring, we rediscover old customs that never seem to lose their charm and we remember how pleasant it is to be outdoors. The colors become more vivid and the landscapes take on a particular beauty, finally illuminated by the sun. In short, a stay in the Valdichiana Senese area during Easter time is all about enjoying good Tuscan living.

Easter's flavours

A true Tuscan never escapes the call of the dining table, especially during Easter. The traditional recipes of the Valdichiana Senese are undoubtedly the ciaccia di Pasqua and the ciambellini (i.e. little donuts), rigorously prepared according to the ancient recipes of the older members of the family. Ciaccia di Pasqua or Panina is a rustic bread made with flour, water, lard, Tuscan spices and "friccioli", i.e. maiole fat cut into small cubes which, combined with the dough, enriches its flavour. A real delight combined with Tuscan cured meats. The ciambellini, on the other hand, are a type of dessert, made with egg, flour and aniseed, which goes perfectly with the Vin Santo produced in this area of Tuscany.

The Easter tradition par excellence: the Easter breakfast

Easter Sunday in Valdichiana Senese always starts rather early. Before the actual lunch, the morning is inaugurated by the Easter breakfast, a sort of brunch ante litteram. It is a savory meal, based on bread and cured meats, in addition to the blessed eggs. A rite that is observed by all, more or less religious, because it means sharing and conviviality. If the weather is fine and the temperatures are high enough, the preferable setting is certainly outdoors, perhaps in a beautiful olive grove or among the vines.

Easter in April: all the outdoors activities

For this Easter 2023, everyone in Tuscany and in Valdichiana Senese has at least one outdoor activity planned. The arrival of spring makes the green areas of the area more inviting than ever. A bike ride on the hills, combined with a nice tasting, allows you to combine the wishes of friends who love wine and those who are healthier. To have fun with the family, a birdwatching experience or an adventure in the most ancient stories of the Valdichiana, in the evocative atmosphere of Monte Cetona, could be a good idea. For those in search of relaxation, who appreciate the warmth of the thermal waters even in spring, the Valdichiana Senese offers suggestive and absolutely panoramic outdoor thermal pools.

Happy Easter 2023 everybody!