A team-building trip: 5 team experiences in Valdichiana Senese

Have you ever taken your time to consider how important is the harmony between co-workers? The productivity of a company is very often influenced by the quality of the relationships established in the workplace. Taking a positive attitude within this microcosm means developing good practices, which over time turn into both professional and social rewards.

In order to improve cohesion between co-workers and work groups, companies often resort to a good practice of human resource management, called “Team Building“. Team building activities are an excellent way to improve the mutual knowledge of the members of a working group, to consolidate their relationships and enhance their complicity.

One of the most effective techniques for developing team building is that of the “Team Experience“; such practice involves the members of a working group in a unique experience, whether it be a trip, or a playful / educational activity to be experienced together.

Particularly important is the choice of the location where the “Team Experiences” will be carried out; for those who arrange this type of experience, it is necessary to choose a destination that can convey a sense of well-being, a place where everything is in harmony with the times of nature.

Valdichiana Senese seems to be an ideal destination for such activities, for the following reasons:

– Its landscape is what you imagine thinking of Tuscany: vineyards, beautiful wheat fields in every season, country roads framed by cypress trees, medieval villages perched on the hills.

– Its simple, but at the same time tasty, cookery, characterized by typical products of renowned quality: PGI Chianina meat, DOP Cinta Senese, Pecorino cheese from Pienza, handmade Pici, Valdichiana Aglione (which is a PAT, i.e. traditional agri-foodstuff), PGI Tuscan, and DOP Terre di Siena extra virgin olive oil, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG and Vino Rosso di Montepulciano DOC.

– Its immense historical and artistic heritage: from the Prehistoric period, to the Etruscan one, passing through the Middle Ages, up to the Renaissance, this territory preserves archaeological sites, tombs, ancient artifacts and art works of great value, kept in numerous museums, and also in the open air, in the streets and squares of the villages.

– Its natural springs of thermal water, with “miraculous” properties as claimed by the ancient Etruscans, which have allowed the creation of wellness and spa treatment centers at Chianciano Terme, Montepulciano, and San Casciano dei Bagni (find out much more about the “Power of the waters in the Senese Valdichiana spas“).

– Its streets are never congested by traffic; the only slowdowns that you can find are those caused by tractors with carts full of freshly harvested grapes, during the harvest period.

Valdichiana Living has arranged 5 experiences, which you can live in Valdichiana Senese to enhance the consolidation of relationships in the workplace, building a winning team:

Vespa Tour: A tour to discover the Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia riding the legendary Vespa. An expert guide will take you through the most beautiful roads of Tuscany, to admire the famous postcard landscapes among vineyards and olive groves, passing through the Renaissance town of Pienza and tasting the local specialties.

Dinner in the vineyard: That of a dinner among the rows of the vineyard is a unique experience, a moment of conviviality to live in a characteristic and evocative setting. An evening of pure joy in the Tuscan countryside, during which you will share the pleasure of traditional cookery paired with local wines..

Tuscan pastry-making course: A course dedicated to learning the refined art of local pastry-making, guided by a master patissier. Each member of the group will do its best to make perfect almond Cantucci, as well as the typical mascina plum jam tart. At the end of the course, you will enjoy a tasting of the desserts you have prepared, paired with tea, coffee or cappuccino.

Truffle hunting: An intense and exciting experience, perfect to live in a group, in search of the precious truffle. An expert truffle-hunter will guide you through the paths of the woods of the Valdichiana Senese. The research will take time and patience, but with a little luck, you may be able to find a nice treasure. At the end of the hunt, it will be time to taste exquisite recipes based on the precious truffle, paired with local wines.

Archery in the wood: An adventure to test the skills of the members of the group as archers, along a demanding path in the woods, between fords and dirt paths. It will be a challenge to center the outlines of local wildlife, such as roe deer and wild boar, or the traditional targets placed in the greenery. After having fired numerous arrows, it will be time to taste typical local salami, bruschetta, Pecorino cheese from Pienza, and other homemade specialties, at a farmhouse just outside the woods.

You just have to gather the group and leave!