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Pieve di Corsignano - Pienza
Pieve di Santa Vittoria - Sarteano
Pieve di Santo Stefano a Cennano - Castelmuzio

Romanesque parish churches

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Pieve di Corsignano in Pienza, overlooking the Val d'Orcia

The Parish Church of Saints Vito and Modesto in Corsignano (more simply known as Pieve di Corsignano) is a Romanesque building dating back to the 12th century. The cylindrical bell tower is even more ancient, since it dates back to the 11th century. The church has three side aisles, each with an altar. To the right of the entrance, you can also admire the original baptismal font where both Pope Pius II and his nephew Pope Pius III were baptized. The Parish Church is located less than 1 km from the old town center of Pienza and is easily reachable by taking a walk along Via della Fonte.


Pieve di Santa Vittoria in Sarteano, a deconsecrated ruin full of mistery

It was the most ancient church in Sarteano, and its ruins are visible just outside the city walls, continuing from Via Guglielmo Marconi to Via del Cimitero. It is said that originally it was a pagan temple; it already existed in the eleventh century and was completed in 1205. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, it was transformed into a cemetery. Currently, you can identify the pillars of the carved portal, the apses and the sandstone capitals.


Pieve di Santo Stefano a Cennano in Castelmuzio, surrounded by olive trees

This Romanesque church was built in the Middle Ages, in 1285, and the bell gable was added in the 16th century. This rural church has a simple gabled façade, featuring a Gothic-style portal; the basilica has three side aisles, completed with apses in a predominantly Romanesque style. The story of the Parish Church of Santo Stefano in Cennano is riddled with continuous reconstructions, which go hand in hand with the cultural and social changes of the ages through which it has passed. Each period has made changes to the structure: the old deities have been replaced, the architectures have been changed, the functions have been updated. The Parish Church can be easily reached with a walk from the old town center of Castelmuzio.

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