'EXVALSE', 'Operation/Project co-financed by the Tuscan Por Fesr 2014-2020'

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Let’s draw Etruscan monsters in Chiusi

An activity for young and old to stimulate curiosity and creativity starting from the history of the Etruscans

The world of the Etruscans will become even more fascinating once you discover the imagery of fantastic creatures, gods and demons that were represented on the funeral urns and on the walls of the trumpets. With this creative and educational tour designed for families, you will try the art of drawing in the rooms of the Chiusi Civic Museum, inspired by the millenary Etruscan representations. Learning history has never been so fun!

Experience the museum, learn about its heritage in an original and creative way

Following in the artistic footsteps of the Etruscan civilization, you will enter the world of decorations and characters that have characterized the Etruscan history of Chiusi, the ancient capital of civilization. Thanks to a photographic support of archaeological finds contained within the epigraphic section of the Civic Museum and after a short introductory lesson able to fascinate young and old, participants will be able to draw their favorite decorations represented on the cinerary urns of the Hellenistic age, as figures flowers, paterae (goblets), mythological scenes, Etruscan divinities, winged demons, banquet images, and also other representative figures and images of the Etruscan Chiusi, such as King Porsenna, his extraordinary legend, and his Mausoleum.At the end of the experience, a snack with typical local products for the whole family awaits you in the historic center of Chiusi, this will be the best way to end a perfect morning or afternoon for the whole family in the name of art and education.

The tour proposal is for a group of families who travel with their children and want to have a curious and unusual cultural experience. The tour is valid for a minimum of three adults and three children.

What it includes

  • Visit of the Civic Museum the Underground City;
  • Kids workshop for about one hour;
  • Snack for children and happy hour for parents with local products.

The experience is available for a minimum of 4 participants.

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Tour Informations € 59 per person

  • Where

    Civic Museum - The underground city in Chiusi

  • When

    10:30 am or 3:30pm

  • Duration

    About 3 hours

  • Meeting point

    Civic Museum - The underground city in Chiusi

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€ 59 per person

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