Fonteverde Natural SPA

Fonteverde Natural SPA

Relaxation with a view over the Val d’Orcia

In San Casciano dei Bagni, i.e. the last Tuscan bulwark before entering in Umbria and Lazio, you will find the Fonteverde Natural SPA, which is an exclusive spa, located in a panoramic position over the Val d'Orcia.

The thermal water here flows at a natural temperature of 107.6 ° C and is rich in precious minerals, whose anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help the musculoskeletal system to acquire muscle tone, and the nervous system to relax.

Wellness: Besides enjoying the thermal water pools, here you can also undertake the "Etruscan Path" featuring sauna, heat cave, and turkish bath, or the "Bioaquam Path" with indoor and outdoor thermal pools overlooking the Val d'Orcia. Your four-legged friends are welcome here; the center, in fact, has a pool entirely dedicated to them, where dogs can splash around freely. The spa offers a wide range of proposals to choose from: wellness programs, swimming pool entrances, treatments, which can be combined each other, according to your time and budget requirements. Find out more about the timetibles and the opening days here

Health: At the “Fonteverde” Natural Spa, you can either drink the thermal water, in the form of a drink rich in calcium and electrolytes, both of which are very important elements in the therapy of osteoporosis and in sports, and breathe it in. Inhalations with this type of water help to decongest the primary respiratory tract, performing a sedative and anti-inflammatory action on the mucosa.

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