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Valdichiana Active

Walk or bike through the Valdichiana Senese countryside

Valdichiana is a territory to be discovered with outdoor walks. Valdichiana Active was created precisely to make accessible all those hidden paths that reveal the most authentic side of this area of Tuscany. Traveling on the white roads that wind along the edge of the villages, or hidden among wooded spots, means truly coming into contact with the essence of this area and its history. Numerous paths outline the Valdichiana Senese, suitable both for walking and cycling. And there is a path for everyone: for more expert walkers and for those who are less trained and simply want to enjoy nature and discover the area in a different way.

Choose the path that suits you best

A path suitable for everyone,
but still very charming. You will walk along Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG vineyards, you will stumble upon designer wineries that enrich the profile of the surrounding landscape and you will breathe in the peaceful atmosphere that characterizes the Tuscan countryside.
Ring route
Lenght of the route: 9,5 km
Estimated walking time: 2 h 15 min
Elevation: 170 mt
Description: short ring route suitable for novice hikers and families. The route is simple and includes short stretches on paved roads. You will depart and return from the same parking lot in front of the church of Cervognano. Also suitable for gravel and MTB.

For the more athletic,
we propose a circular route in the southern area of ​​the Valdichiana Senese. The route starts from the delightful village of Celle sul Rigo and precisely from Piazza Risorgimento, just outside the historic centre. From here, you will begin an up and down journey among wonderful panoramas, you will cross the Rigo river, you will come across the farms that offered shelter to travelers traveling along the Via Francigena, ending your journey again in Piazza Risorgimento.
Ring route
Lenght of the route:
11,7 km
Estimated walking time: 3 h 10 min
Elevation: 465 mt
Description: the route starts from Celle sul Rigo and descends towards the valley, among breathtaking views. Continue along a stretch of the Via Francigena, from which you can admire the marvelous colors of the gullies. The route also includes the ford of the Rigo river and it is possible to meet herds of sheep and their shepherd on your way.

Departure and arrival in the historic center of Torrita di Siena,
along a path that tells the ancient history of the village. You will walk along the roads crossed in the Middle Ages by pilgrims on their way to the Holy House of Loreto, the end of the ancient Via Lauretana.
Ring route
Lenght of the route:
13,8 km
Estimated waling time: 3 h 20 min
Elevation: 76 m
Description: ring for medium-low experienced hikers with little difference in altitude. The route is almost entirely on a white road without vegetation cover, therefore it is necessary to be careful in hot periods.

A hiking guide will accompany you on your walk and we will provide you with a complete snack kit: typical products and a water bottle that will remain with you as a souvenir of the Valdichiana Senese.

What it includes

  • Qualified hiking guide
  • Snack bag
  • Valdichiana Living water bottle

Additional information

The tour is avaliable for minimum for 4 people.
Please wear comfortable cloche.
Experience available from April to November.

Click down below for a preview of the paths:

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Tour Informations €149 per person

  • Where

    Montepulciano, San Casciano dei Bagni or Torrita di Siena

  • When

    9 a.m.

  • Duration

    Depending on the chosen route

  • Meeting point

    Depending on the chosen route

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€149 per person

Request tours for Groups

We can organize the tour for groups (10 - 30).
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