Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari

The Palio dei Somari is back with two days of events

It is finally time for the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena. The event, which as dedicated to St. Joseph since 1966 takes place on the Sunday following March 19, this year was exceptionally scheduled for September 26.
The Palio dei Somari [Run of the Donkeys] is definitely the celebration par excellence of the Torrita people, which in 1966 created a festival in honor of Saint Joseph, patron saint of carpenters (a professional category that is particularly active in this village). The festival, dedicated both to the saint worker, and to the humble and docile animal, was born with the intention to enhance two fundamental components of human work: effort and simplicity. So, since the first edition (held on the occasion of the St. Joseph day), it is precisely him to be painted on any palio. Chasing the palio (i.e., according to the Siena tradition, an embroidered tapestry) are the 8 districts of Torrita di Siena: Porta a Pago, Porta Sole, Porta Gavina, Porta Nova, la Fonte, Stazione, Refenero and Cavone. Each of these has its own color, its emblem, and its impeccable vintage clothing, inspired by the mid-fifteenth century. Besides, the event in itself is inserted into a wider program of celebrations consisting of various initiatives and aggregation moments, such as the public opening of the taverns of the old town, the draw and pair of the heats to the presence of the Mayor and the Presidents of the districts, theater performances, themed conferences and exhibitions, and propitiatory dinners in the headquarters of the districts. This year, however, in order to comply with all the measures provided for in the anti-contagion protocol, the Sagra San Giuseppe Association has prepared a calendar of events that focuses on a single weekend and the Taverns will be closed. 

Saturday 25th September 2021

4:30 pm | Gioco del Pallone: Extraction of the batteries of the CorsaIX, Festival of young flag-wavers and drummers
9.00 pm | Gioco del Pallone: Presentation and blessing of the Palio
9.30 pm | Gioco del Pallone: ​​Match in pairs between the flag wavers and the drummers of the Contrade

Sunday 26th September 2021

9.00 am | Entrance of the Contrade in the historic center
10.00 am | Collegiate Church of Saints Martino and Costanzo: Holy Mass for the figures of the eight Contrade
12.00 pm | Gioco del Pallone: Arrival of the Historical Parade Exhibition of the Flag-wavers and Drummers of the Contrade
15.30 | Gioco del Pallone: ​​Entrance of the Contrade and the Palio in the competition field
16.00 |Gioco del Pallone: The Palio 2021 

The public will be able to access the numbered and spaced seats provided in the Gioco del Pallone area.
 For all events on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which are free to enter while seats are available, no reservation is required, but only the display of the Green Pass at the entrance; to watch the race, on the other hand, it is also compulsory to book and buy the ticket at the Contrada of belonging.

The whole program will be broadcast live on digital terrestrial TV and on the social pages of the event.

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