Ring Trail of "La Foce"

Chianciano Terme

It starts from the locality “La Foce” in Chianciano Terme, where you can leave your car. Before embarking on the trail, do not miss a visit to Villa “La Foce”, with its enchanting Italian gardens and evocative natural windows on the Val d'Orcia.

After about a kilometer and a half downhill on the provincial road, you will reach the foot of the slope that, on a series of hairpin turns, leads to the ridge of the “Lucciola Bella” Nature Reserve. The white road that runs there is that made famous by many TV commercials. Maybe, on the terrain of the Reserve ridge, especially if the land has been worked recently, you will get a pleasant surprise: hundreds of marine fossils, mussels, and shells will emerge on the surface, as evidence of the ancient seabed. It is really incredible to think about how this territory could be raised from under the sea to shape these sweet hills. After having crossed fields cultivated with wheat, you will arrive at the provincial road that leads to Monticchiello. From here, turn right for about a kilometer and a half, following one of the rare examples of coppice, until you cross the white road on the right that will take you back to La Foce. Along the way back, you will meet Castelluccio, a small castle with a long history, even bloody, definitely worth to be known.


Ring trail

Length: 13 km

Difference in height: 243 m

To be travelled: on foot, by bike, on horseback

Departure and arrival location: Località “La Foce”

Sites of interest: Villa “La Foce”, “Lucciola Bella” Nature Reserve, Castelluccio.

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