The ideal city of the Reinassance.

Among the hills that draw the unique landscape of Val d'Orcia, there is Pienza: a recognized World Heritage Site under UNESCO protection, and the "Ideal City of the Renaissance." Quoted by Boccaccio in one of his short stories with the original name of Corsignano, Pienza owes its renovation works to the most famous one of its inhabitants: Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became Pope Pius II in 1458. The Pope commissioned the works to create a city that was "on a human scale”, to Bernardo Rossellino, one of the most famous architects of his time. A play of perspectives mislead those who start off on the main course into thinking that they are walking on a long road; actually, this small jewel-city stretches for less than 400 meters in length, from the beginning to the end. The main monuments, including the Assumption Cathedral, Palazzo Piccolomini, the Town Hall and the Well, are located on the main square. Strolling around in the smaller streets of Pienza, such as Via della Fortuna, Via dell'Amore, Via del Bacio, and Via del Castello, means getting lost in the beauty of this town, where works of human genius live in harmony with those of nature. You cannot get away from Pienza without tasting its most typical product Pecorino cheese, with its unmistakable taste.

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