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L’olio extra vergine di oliva

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan, tasty and healthy

The clay soil and the gentle rolling slopes of Valdichiana have always made this area particularly suitable for growing olives. The altitude allows the olive trees to benefit of a cool and steady breeze, which, in addition to making the air healthy and clean, allows the local farmers to avoid the use of chemicals on the plants.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Valdichiana is characterized by two important organoleptic qualities: the bitter and the spicy. These attributes, anything but negative, are typical of high-quality oils and are due to "polyphenols", important antioxidants that slow oxidation, namely the aging of cells in our body.

So, when you taste the olive oil of this territory, feeling a bitter and spicy taste at the same time on your palate, remember that you are enjoying an olive oil, which is not only of high-quality, but also rich in substances beneficial for human health.

Another one of the most important properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is its aptitude to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids in the acid oleic, extra virgin olive oil favors the raising of the level of good cholesterol, to the detriment of the bad one.

The Tuscan cuisine makes extensive use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is preferable to use it raw, yet, due to its high smoking point, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not harmful if cooked. It is also recommended for frying, its best use remains that along with a simple slice of bread. In Tuscany, preparing a snack of bread and olive oil for the children, is not only a genuine habit, but a real tradition, like eating Panforte at Christmas.

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